Futur2 was founded by Barbara Siegel and Otto Mühlethaler in Paris and was located at a building that held forty artist’s studios. Moving to Vienna in 2016, the art space now is situated in former stables adjacent to an inner courtyard in Ottakring.

The choice of the name is highly indicative of the manifesto: Future 2 as a grammatical term indicates an action that will have been fulfilled at some point in the future. Expressing possibilities respective societal and political developments, Futur2 considers its mission in line with aspirations of the art scene from around the 1960s, a time that saw artists at the peak of an intellectual elite, with everyone considering their input. Artists were regarded as seismographs and signposts all in one, given their immense awareness. Max Frisch’s dictum that “This is not a time for me-stories” also served as a major reference point as the principles of the association were constituted, suggesting that this space allows for radical thought to be chiseled out, unusual positions to be expressed and ultra new ways to be paved. Futur2 acts as an equipoise to the recently formed art world celeb bubble lost to any significance by presenting carefully selected artists and works bearing relevance to current issues and with potential to shape the future. The inherent “yes” in Futur2’s approach is directly contradicting the still prevalent postmodern “no” and its cynicism, for to be able to take responsibility make an impact one must dare to state a resounding “yes”.

Besides exhibitions being created during the residency program taking place two to three times a year, small events will be happening such as discussions, readings, dinners and performances.